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Current Recruitment needs:
Please check our front page for current recruitment status!

Requirements for Applicant:
Raiding applicants are recommended to have A12s clear
• PC players are preferred, PS4 players can be considered.
• Applicant must speak and write fluently in English!
• Applicant must have mic for communication via Discord.
• Applicant is expected to be knowledgeable in the rotations, cool down management, positioning, and optimization of their main class.
• Applicant must have motivation to play FFXIV outside of raids!
• Applicant must be able to take constructive criticism well.
• Applicant is recommended to be friendly and helpful towards all Solitude members. If you cannot be arsed helping FC members, please stick to party finder!
• Applicant must be reliable and informative! If you cannot make an event, we expect you to notify us ahead of time on our forum.
• Big egos, toxic attitudes and immature people need not apply.
• Cross server applications: Please be able to server transfer at any time after application has been submitted.
• Please read our "Rules" page here. We take our rules very seriously.

Progression, Raiding, Grouping and Planned Events:
• Our planned event time is: 19:00 - 23:00, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
• Our timezone is CET (Central European time), or GMT+1. GMT+2 during Summertime Click here for our current time if you are unsure about our time zone!
• Progression schedule: HC groups will have to take 1 to 2 weeks off and be able to raid 10+hrs a day, SHC group will be up to their availability, after progression is over we will go back to our normal schedule.
• We will have an SHC group for members who were not able to take vacation, so please do not feel obligated to take vacation. Real life > gaming of course.
• We only have statics for Progression. When content is on farm, we try to switch around members in our farm groups on a weekly basis. We want all our members to play with each other!

Basic information about applying to Solitude:
• We are open to all exceptional applications.
• If you can prove to us that you deserve a spot in one of our hardcore raid teams, we will definitely consider and make a spot for you - even if current spots are already taken. There is always a chance.
• All spots for hardcore progression groups are earned during farming period based on performance, availability and attitude. This means that a trial can easily replace a FC veteran if that trial performs better.
• Package deals: if you are accepting as a group, you can submit one application but it should contain information about all members.
• Please make effort in your application. Your application is a first impression of you to us!
• If we are satisfied with your application, we will contact you via application form and trial you before we make our final decision. The trial can take up to 1-4 weeks.
During progression or before major patches, our trial period will be cut short to 1 week.
• If you are from another server and accepted for a trial, the trial can be done on Raid Finder, but we will not accept your application until you transfer over.
• There may be a chance that we request to speak to you on our Discord if we would like to ask more questions about your application.

Backstory on Solitude:
Solitude was created by Boss and Risa back at the start of 1.0. It was originally made as an Swedish social linkshell that blossomed into a small EU "event" linkshell doing planned Leve and Darkhold events. We spammed Aurum Vale and Cutter's Cry runs for those rare Darklight bodies. We grinded Hamlet seals for all of our members. We completed the relic quest for our members multiple times. Transitioning to 2.0, we recruited many great members and continue to be a stable, successful Free Company. We try our absolute best to keep our atmosphere fair and pleasant at all times. Solitude has been around for 6 years now!

Solitude's Timeline:
• October 2010: Our guild was formed in Final Fantasy XIV: 1.0 as an "linkshell" on the Lindblum server.
• Patch 1.20: Our server merged with Saronia and became Sargatanas.
We cleared all available content including Ifrit Extreme and Nael Deus Darnus.
• Pre-2.0: We decided to make the move to Ragnarok in hopes of one day getting a proper EU data center.

• 2.0: Our biggest achievement(s) were:
EU #1 / Server #1 Turn 5
EU #3 / Server #1 Turn 9
EU #2 / Server #1 Second Coil Savage (All turns)
EU #2 / Server #1 Turn 13

• 3.0 - 3.2: Our biggest achievement(s) were:
EU #3 / Server #2 A4s
World #5 / EU #3 / Server #2 A5s
World #7 / EU #4 / Server #2 A6s
World #6 / EU #2 / Server #2 A7s
Server #2 A8s

• 3.4: Our biggest achievement(s) were:
World #2 / EU #2 / Server #2 A9s
World #4 / EU #2 / Server #2 A10s
World #6 / EU #2 / Server #2 A11s
World #6 / EU #3 / Server #2 A12s

* Note that world and regional ranks are an estimate based on common knowledge and reported kills

Social applications:
Our social rank is for previous raiders and family members of veteran Solitude members. We don't accept social applications at this time.
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